Tuesday, February 12, 2013

paper clips

Ok, so sitting there is your average paper clip, right? Boring but useful and very effective. I mean, without these guys your papers would flying everywhere and your life would be in total disarray! [I just won't mention here that I have not used a paper clip at all this year] But what would happen if you could do away with the whole "boringness" factor so that all you're left with is useful, very effective and awesome? (The word "awesome" is terribly overused. But I shall not lament over the diminishing English vocabulary at this present moment for your comfort and for mine.) So, as I was wasting my life away on the internet again today, I happened upon a few photos of other peoples ingeniousness of which I shall display here.
Airplane Paper Clips - I need these, they look like the shuttle riding piggyback!See? Isn't this a lot better than your plain old paper clip? It's an old plane clip. Not a plain old clip...but an old plane clip...get it. [laugh at stupid pun here]

The Container Store > Bicycle Paper ClipsBike clip...
squirrel away your paper clipsSQUIRREL!!!
Penguin Paper ClipPenguin clip...
wonder if i can get extra credit, turning in my papers clipped with a heart. hmmCool DIY love paper clips which are awesome. (there's that word again...)  It is going to be Valentines day soon, so I'll have to remember this if I randomly want to clip stuff... although I seriously doubt that's going to happen. But what if I someday get married, and it's Valentine's Day and my husband wants papers to be paper clipped, and then I could do this and he would be happy. Or he wouldn't even notice. I suppose there's that to think of. Maybe he wouldn't even care and I just ruined a perfectly nice paper clip.
Cute coat-hanger paper clipsHanger clips...
squirrel away your paper clipsSQUIRREL!!!
Moustache Paper Clips :: Desk Accessories :: Home and Office :: - Luxury Gifts For Men - The Inside ManThe picture says it all. How does that overly used facebook phrase go? Oh yes... LOVE!! I know a few people (other than me) who would adore these paper clips.
Romeo (:/)Romeo and Juliet clips. (young love...so sweet!)
paper clipsAnd for those of you who now have a greater appreciation for paper clips, after reading this post you can go and get (or make) your very own paper clip carpet!

Who knew that something so boring could be so amazing? (notice...that I refrained from the word awesome and used the word amazing instead.)

Until next time!
-The Gnome

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  1. I love your blog Kirsten!!! Thanks for giving me the link! :)
    Hope you have a good rest of the day! :) Miss ya!