Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Blog Remembered

It has been awhile, hasn't it? I forgot that this blog existed! I feel like I've found an old diary, because that's sort of what this blog is. Maybe I should revamp it and make it into something worth reading. could I do that, I wonder. Maybe I'll post about my college adventures and the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of student life. But maybe not. Not sure what I'll do yet, but I'll think of something. Frankly, student life is so busy that it's hard to find the time to write on a blog. If I get to where I can regularly post things, I'll let you know! 
Until next time,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

who needs cars anyway when we have segways?

My former latest wish was to travel across America on one of these:

About Segway

It says it right there, "green transportation". I could travel across America and save the world at the same time. These two wheeled vehicles can reach up to the crazy super sonic speed  of 12.5 mph! They are the coolest things since PopTarts! I was thinking of being the first person to go and face the odds on a dangerous journey across the country on one of these things, only to find out that somebody already has. It took this dude approximately 100 days to do it, but he did. He had to quit his job to do it, but he pursued his dreams so I guess that's the important thing....yeah-no. He had a friend film his experience on the way, so there's a documentary about him called 10 mph, Boston to Seattle. Wow...thrilling, I'm which I mean, BORING! If I did it first it would have been exciting. Meh.
I'll have to figure out a new way to change the coarse of human history with a segway. Or maybe there are better things to do with my time. Speaking of better things to do, I should skip on off the computer and get ready to mow a lawn.

Adios my friends!
 -the gnome

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

a good day

Yesterday was a good day. Nothing spectacular happened, but all day I just felt like I was clothed with a warm glow of happiness.
 In the early afternoon, Emily and I started to listen to the audio book titled "The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde". Man, that story is creepy. As Wooster would put it, it's one of those spine freezing novels.
 After listening to that for a while,  and making good progress on  a bracelet I had been working on, Josh, Emily, and I went on a very pleasant bike ride with Bethany and the kids. The day was so beautiful! I can't describe my feelings very well about the day, only that it was just intensely enjoyable.
Oh, also, that morning Bethany had her first utrasound of the new baby, and everything looks fine. So that was something to celebrate. I'm looking forward to meeting my new niece or nephew! :D
Yesterday, Josh and I also made progress in our running abilities. We can now run for eighteen minutes in two miles. Or two miles in eighteen minutes. We almost passed out, but we did it! And, I don't know if any of you feel like this too, but after exercising I just feel so alive. Tired and in pain, but that's a sign of life.
We then ate supper and, after I cleansed myself in the shower, Emily, Josh and I took off to cheer on the RHCC softball team.
 Walking in, I had an interesting experience. It was like I was thrown into the twilight zone unexpectedly. The siblings and I walked in the baseball complex with a wandering soul, shivering with a slushy the color of all purpose cleaner, (aka...Seth), and nobody recognized me. When one of our friends called to Emily from afar and asked, "Who's that with you?", we were confused and I thought that our friend, Kelsey by name, was wondering who Seth was. Weird. Seth isn't that hard to recognize from afar. After Emily's, "What?", and Kelsey's repeated "Who's that?", and Emily's "Huh?", we reached the bleachers and by that time Kelsey said, "Oh, it's Kirsten. I didn't recognize you."
"What? You didn't recognize me?" said I, agape. I have known Kelsey for years. And my impromptu incognitoness didn't end there. Julia, who I have known since I was in diapers, followed up with, "Oh, I didn't recognize you either."
It was because my hair was wet and down, Kelsey saying that it changed the look of my face. It makes sense, it was just a strange feeling walking up to people I've  known for years and seeing the look of, "Who is that person?", on their faces. Because after my experience with Julia, I walk up to my friends Jaimee and Ali and it took them a few seconds to register who I was. And then Ali's mom comes up a few minutes later and says, "Oh, hi! I was about to ask who Ali's new friend was, but it's just you. You look different with your hair down, and it looks darker too."
I had to laugh! It was, indeed, an interesting experience.
The softball game was fun to watch. And it was great to laugh and talk with my friends.
Driving home, the siblings and I had an encounter with a train. Trains are usually annoying, but this one was unusually annoying. Pulling up, there was about four cars and a motorcycle ahead of me, all facing a stagnant train. I say "stagnant", because it wasn't moving. It sat there while the pleasant "ding! ding! ding!" of the warning lights did their blinking thing at us. And we sat there. And we sat there. And we...sat there. Then, after attempting to amuse ourselves with singing, the train moved!...about six inches forward....and then after a time, six inches backward....and then it stopped. Approximately five to ten minutes of stagnant train observing ensued before an intelligent  Harley biker dude ahead of us revved his engine and preformed a U-turn, buzzing off in the opposite direction. Inspired,  everyone followed suit. The train still hadn't budged after I did a Y-turn and drove off. Yes, trains are annoying.
 So after making a longer-than-necessary detour through town, the siblings and I finally stumbled through the back hall door of the kitchen to the lovely smell of Mom's rhubarb cobbler.
It was a good day.

Until next time!
-The Gnome

Friday, April 12, 2013

a slump: part two

This is part two of my slump. After watching another episode of BBC's Robin Hood, I have decided that the show is still awesome. Someone needs to punch Robin Hood for me though. He is still a jerk. But at least he's not a heart broken jerk.

Here is the gang at their toughest:

Allan a Dale, Will Scarlet, and Much are my absolute favorite characters. Robin Hood's cool. I envy his talent with the bow but not his people skills. They stink most of the time.

This is the gang at their finest:

I'm happy now. They're all alive, except for one dude and a few other people. But we'll see. Shows like this can take bad turns sometimes. At least the first season is tolerable.

Until next time,
-The Gnome

a slump

I am in a slump this morning. I couldn't sleep well last night because I wanted to line up a few villains and give each of them a good beating and cry at the same time. If any of you have watched BBC's Robin Hood you'll understand. The effects in that show are extremely cheesy, and the first episode is cringe worthy because Robin Hood is a jerk, but the rest of the show is awesome (until now). I almost want to become an outlaw and hang out in the woods. But now...the first season is ending and I am mad. This show is almost as bad as the movie Joan of Arc. I cried for upwards of five minutes after that movie ended because this girl devotes her life and services to a prince of France, and then he just lets her burn at the stake. That movie was a downer. And so is Robin Hood.
 I think I need to go drink my morning coffee. Maybe that will make me feel better. And I promised you all that I wouldn't make this blog my weekly therapy season, and by posting this I am breaking that promise. Don't worry, it shan't happen often. I just need to rant and rave a bit. Maybe foam at the mouth a little just to cool off.

-The Gnome

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy love appreciation day

Since today is a national holiday I thought maybe I should recognize it with a brief post.  Bethany (my sister) loves Valentine's Day. I don't know why. I don't get  day off of school for it...sooo...what's the point? No, I do like the chocolate and all the decorations in the stores. Here's a song for all you single people without a true luuve (you have to say it like a hippie) to rock out to, or for all you married people to laugh at.
I suppose there are other things to look forward to other than the whole luuve aspect of the day. Take yesterday for an example. Laura, Bethany and kids, Emily and I went to a lovely coffee shop all in Valentine's Day knee socks. That was fun. And then today my family is going to make a nice dinner because Mom and Dad want something special yet they don't want to brave the crowds of luuve at restaurants.
 So, that was brief, and now I have to go save the world as a ninja. Happy Love Appreciation Day!
Until next time!
-The Gnome Ninja

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

paper clips

Ok, so sitting there is your average paper clip, right? Boring but useful and very effective. I mean, without these guys your papers would flying everywhere and your life would be in total disarray! [I just won't mention here that I have not used a paper clip at all this year] But what would happen if you could do away with the whole "boringness" factor so that all you're left with is useful, very effective and awesome? (The word "awesome" is terribly overused. But I shall not lament over the diminishing English vocabulary at this present moment for your comfort and for mine.) So, as I was wasting my life away on the internet again today, I happened upon a few photos of other peoples ingeniousness of which I shall display here.
Airplane Paper Clips - I need these, they look like the shuttle riding piggyback!See? Isn't this a lot better than your plain old paper clip? It's an old plane clip. Not a plain old clip...but an old plane clip...get it. [laugh at stupid pun here]

The Container Store > Bicycle Paper ClipsBike clip...
squirrel away your paper clipsSQUIRREL!!!
Penguin Paper ClipPenguin clip...
wonder if i can get extra credit, turning in my papers clipped with a heart. hmmCool DIY love paper clips which are awesome. (there's that word again...)  It is going to be Valentines day soon, so I'll have to remember this if I randomly want to clip stuff... although I seriously doubt that's going to happen. But what if I someday get married, and it's Valentine's Day and my husband wants papers to be paper clipped, and then I could do this and he would be happy. Or he wouldn't even notice. I suppose there's that to think of. Maybe he wouldn't even care and I just ruined a perfectly nice paper clip.
Cute coat-hanger paper clipsHanger clips...
squirrel away your paper clipsSQUIRREL!!!
Moustache Paper Clips :: Desk Accessories :: Home and Office :: - Luxury Gifts For Men - The Inside ManThe picture says it all. How does that overly used facebook phrase go? Oh yes... LOVE!! I know a few people (other than me) who would adore these paper clips.
Romeo (:/)Romeo and Juliet clips. (young sweet!)
paper clipsAnd for those of you who now have a greater appreciation for paper clips, after reading this post you can go and get (or make) your very own paper clip carpet!

Who knew that something so boring could be so amazing? (notice...that I refrained from the word awesome and used the word amazing instead.)

Until next time!
-The Gnome