Friday, April 12, 2013

a slump

I am in a slump this morning. I couldn't sleep well last night because I wanted to line up a few villains and give each of them a good beating and cry at the same time. If any of you have watched BBC's Robin Hood you'll understand. The effects in that show are extremely cheesy, and the first episode is cringe worthy because Robin Hood is a jerk, but the rest of the show is awesome (until now). I almost want to become an outlaw and hang out in the woods. But now...the first season is ending and I am mad. This show is almost as bad as the movie Joan of Arc. I cried for upwards of five minutes after that movie ended because this girl devotes her life and services to a prince of France, and then he just lets her burn at the stake. That movie was a downer. And so is Robin Hood.
 I think I need to go drink my morning coffee. Maybe that will make me feel better. And I promised you all that I wouldn't make this blog my weekly therapy season, and by posting this I am breaking that promise. Don't worry, it shan't happen often. I just need to rant and rave a bit. Maybe foam at the mouth a little just to cool off.

-The Gnome


  1. I've never seen the BBC version of Robin Hood but it sounds like not the best. I hope the cup of coffee will help you and calm you down, for I know the horrible feeling when a movie was made wrong :( it drives me up the walls! I've never tried a cup of coffee as a solution to help me climb back down the walls though ;) so I'll shall try next time.

    Have a good day and hope the gloom of the weather won't bring your spirits down too much. I'm quite ready for spring and sunshine! :) God bless!

  2. I still want to punch a few deserving villains, but I'm OK now. I just hope all goes well in the next season. It's strange that I care so much about a TV show. Alas! Oh well!