Friday, April 12, 2013

a slump: part two

This is part two of my slump. After watching another episode of BBC's Robin Hood, I have decided that the show is still awesome. Someone needs to punch Robin Hood for me though. He is still a jerk. But at least he's not a heart broken jerk.

Here is the gang at their toughest:

Allan a Dale, Will Scarlet, and Much are my absolute favorite characters. Robin Hood's cool. I envy his talent with the bow but not his people skills. They stink most of the time.

This is the gang at their finest:

I'm happy now. They're all alive, except for one dude and a few other people. But we'll see. Shows like this can take bad turns sometimes. At least the first season is tolerable.

Until next time,
-The Gnome

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad the show has slightly grown on
    you :) it always irritates me though when main characters in movies are not made right and are not the best. So I hope Mr. Robin gets his act together so you can enjoy the rest of the show :)