Tuesday, June 4, 2013

a good day

Yesterday was a good day. Nothing spectacular happened, but all day I just felt like I was clothed with a warm glow of happiness.
 In the early afternoon, Emily and I started to listen to the audio book titled "The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde". Man, that story is creepy. As Wooster would put it, it's one of those spine freezing novels.
 After listening to that for a while,  and making good progress on  a bracelet I had been working on, Josh, Emily, and I went on a very pleasant bike ride with Bethany and the kids. The day was so beautiful! I can't describe my feelings very well about the day, only that it was just intensely enjoyable.
Oh, also, that morning Bethany had her first utrasound of the new baby, and everything looks fine. So that was something to celebrate. I'm looking forward to meeting my new niece or nephew! :D
Yesterday, Josh and I also made progress in our running abilities. We can now run for eighteen minutes in two miles. Or two miles in eighteen minutes. We almost passed out, but we did it! And, I don't know if any of you feel like this too, but after exercising I just feel so alive. Tired and in pain, but that's a sign of life.
We then ate supper and, after I cleansed myself in the shower, Emily, Josh and I took off to cheer on the RHCC softball team.
 Walking in, I had an interesting experience. It was like I was thrown into the twilight zone unexpectedly. The siblings and I walked in the baseball complex with a wandering soul, shivering with a slushy the color of all purpose cleaner, (aka...Seth), and nobody recognized me. When one of our friends called to Emily from afar and asked, "Who's that with you?", we were confused and I thought that our friend, Kelsey by name, was wondering who Seth was. Weird. Seth isn't that hard to recognize from afar. After Emily's, "What?", and Kelsey's repeated "Who's that?", and Emily's "Huh?", we reached the bleachers and by that time Kelsey said, "Oh, it's Kirsten. I didn't recognize you."
"What? You didn't recognize me?" said I, agape. I have known Kelsey for years. And my impromptu incognitoness didn't end there. Julia, who I have known since I was in diapers, followed up with, "Oh, I didn't recognize you either."
It was because my hair was wet and down, Kelsey saying that it changed the look of my face. It makes sense, it was just a strange feeling walking up to people I've  known for years and seeing the look of, "Who is that person?", on their faces. Because after my experience with Julia, I walk up to my friends Jaimee and Ali and it took them a few seconds to register who I was. And then Ali's mom comes up a few minutes later and says, "Oh, hi! I was about to ask who Ali's new friend was, but it's just you. You look different with your hair down, and it looks darker too."
I had to laugh! It was, indeed, an interesting experience.
The softball game was fun to watch. And it was great to laugh and talk with my friends.
Driving home, the siblings and I had an encounter with a train. Trains are usually annoying, but this one was unusually annoying. Pulling up, there was about four cars and a motorcycle ahead of me, all facing a stagnant train. I say "stagnant", because it wasn't moving. It sat there while the pleasant "ding! ding! ding!" of the warning lights did their blinking thing at us. And we sat there. And we sat there. And we...sat there. Then, after attempting to amuse ourselves with singing, the train moved!...about six inches forward....and then after a time, six inches backward....and then it stopped. Approximately five to ten minutes of stagnant train observing ensued before an intelligent  Harley biker dude ahead of us revved his engine and preformed a U-turn, buzzing off in the opposite direction. Inspired,  everyone followed suit. The train still hadn't budged after I did a Y-turn and drove off. Yes, trains are annoying.
 So after making a longer-than-necessary detour through town, the siblings and I finally stumbled through the back hall door of the kitchen to the lovely smell of Mom's rhubarb cobbler.
It was a good day.

Until next time!
-The Gnome


  1. Hey, I got mentioned! I'm flattered.

    The Slushee was actually the color of antifreeze.

    1. I hope you didn't mind being referred to as a "wandering soul". But you were wandering, and you have a soul, so I thought the description would suit.

      There is this all-purpose floor cleaner at church that is the color of anti-freeze, which is the color of Mountain Dew, which was the color of your Slushee. So it all works. What was the flavor of your Slushee, anyway? Being the color of dangerous chemicals (Mountain Dew included), I would be a little hesitant in drinking it.